Sussex Healthcare Improving Hearing Quality For Their Patients

For two years in a row, Sussex Healthcare earned accreditation from the Health Quality Service. It is the only home care provider in the United Kingdom that has achieved dual accreditation for ISO 9000 and HQS. Sussex Healthcare recognizes that day-to-day activities are important for overall health. They tailor programs to the specific needs of individuals to help them stay motivated.

Only the highest trained experienced professionals work for Sussex Healthcare. Their goal is to provide stellar quality of care dependent on the needs of the patient being treated. There aren’t many healthcare companies like Sussex Healthcare, that have an excellent track record with over 30 years in the industry. The patients that are cared for love spending time with the staff. They are constantly given quality care and attention.

The staff at Sussex Healthcare are continuously trained by senior experts with decades of experience. They also recently opened a brand new state-of-the art gym facility and units equipped with the latest technologies. The units can provide placements for those who suffer from neurological conditions, brain injuries and learning and physical disabilities. They are equipped with a large sitting room, kitchen and dining area, ground floor accommodations and game rooms. The staff works 24 hours a day with others on call at all times. There are full activity programs, opportunities for further education, holistic therapies, special baths and aids and hydrotherapy.


The audiology program at Sussex Healthcare is truly remarkable. The staff is able to test, assess and treat its patients on a regular basis. The program gives its patients and their family members access to hearing services in locations that are close to them. Sussex Healthcare can give their patients hearing tests to determine their own hearing capabilities. The tests are extremely accurate and given by only highly trained administrators. From there, the audiology specialists can develop a care plan specifically tailored to the individuals needs to improve their hearing. Sussex Healthcare can provide compact hearing devices that are built to mimic their inner ear’s hearing interpretation center without static interference. The devices can pick up tpaving the way he smallest, most sensitive sounds. Hearing loss affects 70% of all elderly individuals. Sussex Healthcare is continuously researching and creating groundbreaking technology to improve the quality of life for their patients.