Hussain Sajwani’s Reputable Performance in Property Business

Hussain Sajwani is the legit founder of DAMAC properties which is a building and construction company. The company operates as a public entity and is thriving in the property business. The company is registered as DAMAC Properties Dubai Co. PJSC and is the best in delivering real estate and construction projects in the Middle East and beyond. The company has its operations based in Dubai, a city found in the United Arab Emirates.


Since the establishment of the company in 2002, Hussain Sajwani has enjoyed the cooperation and collaboration from his able team of experienced and skilled engineers who he has employed. Under the leadership of Hussain Sajwani, DAMAC Properties has grown to maximize market capitalization while increasing their net profits at the end of every financial year.


DAMAC owner, Hussain Sajwani has worked with the current president of the United States of America, Donald Trump as business partners long before he developed interests in state politics. This was as a result of business that the President was running in Dubai. Up until now, The Trump International Golf Course still operates at Akoya residential which is a property of DAMAC. The two are still doing business together and Donald Trump is aiming at expanding his business with the assistance of his loyal ally.


However, this successful man also runs various food industries that have served many citizens of the United States of America. He as well wishes to keep his relationship with Donald Trump very close and so far Hussain Sajwani family have interacted closely with the family of the United States of America’s president. The two are also partners with Donald Trump’s Organization which has proven to be a promising real estate investment.


Having started his businesses by venturing into hotel management and hospitality, Hussain Sajwani has developed the hotel industry in Dubai with richly designed villas and resorts. Of great importance is his commitment to helping the needy through charitable donations. Recently, he was the champion the facilitated the settlements of the homeless people who suffered the snow storm tragedy in Lebanon and few other countries. Altogether, he indeed is worthy and deserving of everything he has achieved. Learn more:


Hussein Sajwani and his business success

Hussein Sajwani was born and raised in a humble middle class family. He went for studies in the University of Washington where he got a degree in economics. On returning back to the Middle East, he worked as a Contract Manager for GASCO which was for a short period. He dropped the job to start his own business, DAMAC Properties.


The company was formed under his strategic guidance. After a couple of years, the business was established as a catering and hospitality company in 1992. Its headquarter are in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. The decision to have the base in Dubai was entered by the Hussain Sajwani family.


The company deals with development and flourishing of residential, leisure, and commercial properties in Dubai and Middle East. It is the largest real estate inventor in Middle East as it has created many projects across that region. It has generated employment opportunities for its community as it has over 2000 employees.


Hussein has over 200 projects and services major sites such as the army camps, educational institutions,among many others. Through his innovative skills, he has conjoined with several institutions such as the Trump Organization, Tiger Woods golf course, and luxury villas among many more. Hussein has other investments other than the properties company.


He has investments in the DICO Investments Company which focuses on private mergers and acquisitions. Others include Al Amana Building Materials which deals in all the essentials for building estates and apartments. Another major asset is the Al Jazeera Services which has made alteration in the market condition.


Hussein Sajwani is a family man as he has a wife and four children. He has participated in other roles aside from being the Chief Executive Officer of the properties company such as being a board member of Majan University in Oman. During the Ramadhan season, Hussein together with his company provided clothing and warmth for more than 50,000 children in need.


Hussein Sajwani has some businesses with Donald Trump concerning the real estates. Both of them have worked in the making of Trump International Golf Club where they made $2 billion in sales. The properties company also built Trump International Course in Dubai.


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