Devos and Pitbull in Florida

Betsy Devos has once more found herself in critic’s crosshairs for her visit to Miami, this time accompanied by the rapper Pitbull. Pitbull is a controversial figure. Many of his songs are laden with profanity and some of his opponents have called his lyrics misogynistic. However, Pitbull also started a charter school and makes numerous charitable donations to the less fortunate.



Critics threw Devos’ Christianity at her and questioned why she would spend time with a rapper like Pitbull, but apparently forgot the parable of Jesus and the tax collector. Her critics would rather Devos’ behave as they do—as judgemental critics that want the power of right and wrong—rather than as someone willing to do what it takes to expand school choice.



The expansion of school choice is Devos’ main platform, and her visit to Florida included visits to many different school institutions. These schools included a private Christian academy, a public elementary school, and two higher-education institutes.



Devos’ visited the CARE Elementary School, previously called the Christian Academy for Reaching Excellence. The school is part of the Florida Tax Credit Scholarship program, which provides tax breaks for individuals and businesses that donate money for private scholarships. This allows students from low-income families to attend private schools without the financial burden.




She also visited SLAM, a charter school opened by Pitbull. This school is part of a for-profit educational network called Academica, a network that has recently come under fire for ethics complaints due to its ties to state legislators. In the past decade, schools in the Academica network have received a larger share of state capital funding. However, with celebrity backing, these schools can receive private donations without the criticism of arm-chair politicians.



Regardless of viewer’s thoughts on Pitbill, Betsy Devos has made it clear she will not discriminate between school types or locations in her push to further educational opportunities in America. She has visited Florida several times, and is a longtime ally of former Florida governer Jeb Bush. Her family home is also located in the state. However, despite her strong ties to Florida, Devos has made strides in bettering education across the country.



Florida acts only as a starting point. After all, it’s easier to fix problems in your own backyard first before moving on to the rest of the neighborhood. It will be interesting to see what changes Devos can make to the education system.


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NGP VAN Reveal The Secret Behind Canvassing

Canvassing has always been the best possible way of interacting with voters in a simple and effective way. NGP VAN has recently revealed its own way of bringing canvassing into the 21st-century using the latest in mobile devices which almost every individual in the U.S. uses on a daily basis to connect the individual canvasser and the election office of any Democrat candidate who is using the software of this technology-based group dedicated to electing liberal candidates.


NGP VAN has published a video detailing the different ways the door-to-door aspect of a canvassing campaign featuring Community Manager Katie Crowell who reveals the different ways canvassing can be made easier using the MiniVAN and MiniVAN Manager apps the link between those in the street and in the office has increased.


Before the use of this innovative technology, the problems being faced by election experts was the massive amount of time and effort a door-to-door canvassing operation would take; not only does this form of campaign require a large amount of funding but also needed paper files to be kept on every address canvassed and time spent entering data. MiniVAN and MiniVAN Manager is easy to use and creates real-time information about the voters and supporters canvassed with election campaigners allowing an Online file to be created about which areas will provide the largest level of support for a candidate and which will work against a Democrat.


Instead of simply targeting houses at random, each volunteer and campaign worker is sent a dedicated list of target addresses they are to work towards interacting with. Organizers in the campaign office have the opportunity to use this NGP VAN technology to send lists of addresses and in return, the Smartphone of the volunteer is then used to provide another link which allows real-time information to be provided for organizers to use simply and effectively.

Bob Reina: He’s Going To See You Through

Bob Reina is someone in your life that you can count on, and that is a fact. He is someone you can count on because he delivers on his promises. He is not going to come up with excuses or lie to his customers. He is going to give them the truth on what is going on and how they can better themselves as individuals. That is important to him, and it means something to him. He has made it his life’s work to help people out and make their lives a little bit easier. It is why he started in law enforcement.


For someone to be in law enforcement, they really have to care about people and want to help them out. Bob Reina was always the voice of reason in situations where things would get a little heated. This calm approach has always served him very well in life and it will keep serving him well long into the future. It is the person he is, and it is part of his mental makeup. It is why people feel safer around Bob Reina. He is going to see someone through until they feel comfortable on their own two feet.


That is something that his company, Talk Fusion, the video communications provider, really prides itself on when they are running their day-to-day operations. They want to be a company that is going to really help people and allow them to live out all of their dreams. When a dream come trues, Bob Reina gets paid. He gives motivational speeches that have really resonated with people and gotten them to see the world in a whole new way. It was like they were asleep for a while and now they see things the way they have always wanted to see them.


They are not afraid to fight for what they deserve in life. Bob Reina has given them the self-assurance and the power to do things they never thought were possible in life. They can be obtained with Talk Fusion’s video applications that have won a lot of awards. Learn more:

The way to a cure as lead by Scott Rocklage

There is the raising of the series A financing that the Expansion Therapeutics is involved with, the primary purpose for this is that it will help with the fighting of genetic disorders in its portfolio. One of the disorder include the myotonic dystrophy that is well known being the first leading cause of muscular dystrophy in the adults. And because of the purpose of fighting these diseases, the company added $55.3 million. When the RNA reach the toxic level that’s when symptoms will present themselves. Some companies took part in the financing like Kleiner Perkins, Sanofi Ventures, Novartis ventures fund and 5 AM ventures that Scott Rocklage leads. The RNA that is causing the disorder are transferred in the body from DNA and then converted into proteins. When they reach the toxic level that’s when the condition will occur and that will cause so many organs in the body to become defective.

In 2003, that is when Scott Rocklage joined 5 AM Ventures. He first joined the company as the venture partner, but later in 2004, he became the managing partner. For over a decade he has been able to gain the experience that he has in healthcare management and strategic leadership. Before he joined the 5 AM Ventures, he had worked in some other companies like Cubist Pharmaceuticals as the CEO and chairman, the Nycomed Salutar as the president and CEO, and the various R$D positions that he has had. All those positions helped him a lot in gaining all the knowledge and experience that he has in leadership, healthcare, and science. With those three skills, he has become the most active leader in the world of healthcare.

He attended the University of California where he attained his B.S. in chemistry and later he joined the Massachusetts Institute of Technology where he got his Ph.D. in chemistry. He was so lucky because of he was among the lucky people that got the chance to attend and research in the Richard R. Schrock laboratory. He has one personality that has helped in achieving a lot when it comes to the healthcare management sector and that he is influential.


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Cassio Audi Helped Make Viper Better Than Normal

Cassio Audi knew things would get better for Viper as soon as they started making more music and doing more shows for people to enjoy. There were times when Cassio Audi made sure Viper knew what they were doing and they knew they could be successful in the future. He spent time trying to show the band they had a lot of success in their future. He also wanted people to realize Viper was going to work to get to the top of their genre. They wanted success and they wanted to feel as though they were successful. There were things that allowed Cassio Audi the chance to try things on his own. He knew what it took to give people the ideas that made their own lives easier.

There were times when Cassio Audi had to make positive decisions about the band and about what he planned on doing with the band. For Cassio Audi, the point of the band was giving back to those who believed in them. He felt he could make a difference with Viper and it would be the best band there was in Brazil. While Viper grew and started touring internationally, Cassio Audi found he was doing everything right. He learned the right way to handle different things relating to the band. He also learned about the opportunities people could use to make the band better.

Since Viper was so good at music and good at touring, Cassio Audi felt he could do things the right way. He also felt there was a chance to make the band better no matter how hard he worked to give people a chance to try new things. It was his goal to always give everyone the chances they needed to see how successful they could be at different options. Even though Viper toured internationally, they found it hard to make it work. They had to split up in the 2000’s. The band is still friendly and they get together on occasion. Cassio Audi knew what he wanted from the band. He also knew he wanted the band to get back together in the future because of how well they performed together. There were times when they could try things on their own and Cassio Audi wanted them to see there were things that helped them. He hopes the band continues being amicable and gets back together in the future.

Securus Can Now Detect Drones Used to Deliver Contraband to U.S. Inmates

As high-quality drones become more affordable in the United States and easily obtainable everywhere, our nation’s prisoners have been utilizing them for smuggling frightening things such as various weapons and drugs. They are also hiring others from the outside to deliver porn, cell phones and more illegal items. With major retailers considering using drones to deliver small packages across the U.S., the idea has been already been practiced for several years by those that are incarcerated. Securus Technologies is now combating this almost widespread issue and has built a cutting-edge drone detection technology that will be soon be available to U.S. prisons.


The drone detection system works by using its digital antennae structure, or DAS, that will help prison personnel detect any drones in the area in real-time. The actual detection radius of the new drone system was not released but its infrastructure was stated to be similar to Securus’ Wireless Containment Solution technology. The company has worked for 18 months with its technology partners to help implement this new technology. A rep for Securus said that pilot programs for testing, investments and resources will improve the drone detection system in the future. The technology has already seen vast improvements and had successful runs.


Securus Technologies is America’s leading choice for civil and criminal justice technology solutions. The company is headquartered in Carrollton, Texas and has serviced over 3,500 law enforcement and correctional institutions across the U.S. Securus Technologies was recently announced as three-time winners of Stevie Awards for Sales & Customer Service this year. The award gala was held at the Caesars Palace in Las Vegas, N.V., in February 2018. Over six-hundred executives from all around the world attended and there were 89 different categories presented for customer service. Securus won a Gold Stevie Award for ‘Customer Service Complaints Team of the Year‘ and also took home a Silver and Bronze.

Lazaro Brandao, Retiring And Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi Out As President Of Bradesco

The speculation and anticipation of the details of the changes coming to Bradesco has caused some concern for the public. Bradesco one the largest banking and financing institutes in Brazil is very influential in the economic sectors, and the news of changes at the executive level is news people are interested in learning more about.

Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi the current president of Bradesco, has announced several changes to approaching beginning in March 2018. Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi will not official be replaced until the AGO (Ordinary General Assembly) meeting on March 12th 2018. The new president replace Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi, will be Octavio de Lazari Junior. Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi has been with Bradesco since 1969, and was appointed president in 2003.

Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi began at Bradesco as a bank clerk in Marilia. Later Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi would be Bradesco’s Director of Marketing. As Director of Markets Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi, created a more transparent relationship with the public and media. Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi would be named the Executive Director and President of Bradesco’s private pension company for six years from 1992 to 1998. Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi would be the Vice President of the company in 1999, and Chief Executive of Bradesco until 2005. Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi years with the company has proven to be very beneficial, he was able to increase the net income by 10 percentage points. Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi is also leader of the National Federation of Supplemental Health (FenaSaude).

Read more: Bradesco deve anunciar sucessor de Trabuco antes do Carnaval

Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi confirmed the incoming president will be Octavio de Lazari Junior. Octavio de Lazari Junior has had a very successful academic and professional career. Octavio de Lazari Junior, earned his Graduates degree in economics, from the Faculty of Economics and Administrative Science of Osasco,and a specialization in Financial Strategies and Marketing from Fundacao Instituto de Administracao. Octavio de Lazari Junior began working with Bradesco in 1978, he became an agency manager. In 2010 Octavio de Lazari Junior was the Department Director of Loans and Financing. In 2012 Octavio de Lazari Junior was apointed to the Board of Directors Officers. Five years later Octavio de Lazari Junior became the Executive Officer and Vice President of Bradesco Seguros (insurance) Group.

Carlos Alberto Rodrigues Guilherme will be replacing the vacancy left by Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi as Vice President of the council, in light of Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi being removed from the council.

Carlos Alberto Rodrigues Guilherme began his career at the very young age of 13, and has been with Bradesco ever since.

Lazaro Brandao, will be retiring as revealed by Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi. Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi shared details about Lazaro Brandao handing in his letter of retirement, which came as a shock at the timing of it. Lazaro Brandao pushed the age limit for the president to 67 years to give the council more time to select a new president, deal with the retirement of Lazaro Brandao, and the integration of HSBC, who was recently acquired by Bradesco.

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Major Dubai Philanthropist Continues to See Success

Hussain Sajwani is one of the most successful businessmen and real estate moguls in the United Arab Emirates. His company, DAMAC Properties, has seen a lot of success.


Hussain Sajwani, the DAMAC owner, has also done a lot of deals with the current President of the United States, Donald J. Trump, while Donald Trump headed the Trump Organization. It is now run by his children, with whom Hussain Sajwani is close with as well.


In fact, during a speech on New Year’s Eve, Donald Trump, speaking at Mar-A-Lago during a private party with people who had been specifically invited, singled out Hussain Sajwani and his wife for praise. He mentioned them by name and talked about how much of a pleasure it was to know them and do business with them. The wife of Hussain Sajwani has been close with Ivanka Trump, the daughter of Donald Trump. He and his wife visited with Donald and Ivanka Trump at Mar-A-Lago during New Year’s Eve while Donald Trump was still the President Elect. However, Donald Trump said that he and Hussain Sajwani did not discuss business dealings during that specific time. At the time, Donald Trump was already preparing for the presidency and had given over the reigns of his business to his children in order to prevent a conflict of interest.


Hussain Sajwani is grateful for his financial success. That is why he donates so much money to charity. Hussain Sajwani wrote a check for two million Arab Emirates Dollars for needy children during Ramadan. The Red Crescent and the King of Dubai started a campaign in order to help out children who came from poor families and could not afford to get clothes that would keep them warm. Hussain Sajwani provided enough money to provide clothing for forty thousand children. The manager of the Red Crescent said that he was overwhelmed by Hussain Sajwani’s generous donation.


DAMAC Properties owns thousands of units in Dubai and the surrounding countries. DAMAC specializes in luxury hotels and residential units. Sajwani started DAMAC after seeing previous success in real estate.


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Pay on Performance: Jeremy Goldstein and Compensation Law

Back in the day, getting a bonus based on the performance of the company came standard. If certain goals were met, then you would get a higher bonus because you helped the company get to that point. If they were not met, then you would get less of a bonus. The structure seemed to work, and there were often better results being reported and higher employee satisfaction with pay plans like this. However, in recent decades many companies are starting to wonder if these plans really do help to increase the bottom line or if they hurt the company over the long term.


The main argument for these plans comes from executives and employees that want to feel like they are a part of the company. They get a sense of ownership when they know their pay is tied directly to the performance of the company. They would argue that they are going to work harder to make things better for the company overall. Executives will say that they will start new projects to increase production and come out with new and innovative plans for gaining customers if they knew that they could get a hefty bonus because of it.


Opponents of performance-based pay will say that, even though the company’s performance in the short-term is improved, the long-term goals are being sacrificed by the people in charge just to get a few extra bucks at the end of the fiscal year. They are worried that executives will put off needed capital expenditures and that employees will just work to get production out the door while letting the company fall into disrepair just so they get a larger bonus check at the end of the day.


Jeremy L. Goldstein, of Jeremy L. Goldstein & Associates, is all too familiar with this problem. His firm specializes in corporate law and compensation law, and he has seen both sides of this argument play out several times over. He has suggested that companies pay on performance, but make sure that the metrics also include some longer-term parameters rather than just annual or quarterly earnings. This will give the incentive to keep things up for a long time. Also, he thinks that executives should be held more accountable for their actions. Compensation committees should scrutinize any decisions that the executives make that will also increase their bonus to determine if what they have done is really in the best interest of the company. Overall, Jeremy Goldstein is working hard to bring cases like this to a close and find a solution that works for everyone. Learn more:

The Excellent Work Of Gregory Aziz at National Steel Car

The National Steel Car Company has been in the right lane since Gregory Aziz took over the leadership about 15 years ago. Gregory James Aziz is known to be a pragmatic leader in the scene of business. He has placed the National Steel Car at the right place in the market to compete with the other companies dealing with the railroad materials in the same niche. His place of birth is London, and the surroundings of his life have influenced him a lot on the matter related to his career in the circle of business. Greg Aziz is qualified personnel in the arena of economics from University of Western Ontario. Gregory. The application of his skills in the sector of finance in the organization of the National Steel Car has made the issues flow smoothly. The coordination between various departments is perfect in the firm.


1In 1971, Gregory Aziz made a debut as an assistant in the Affiliated Foods Company which was a family business. The role he played in the firm confirmed to the management that he had great ideas that were helpful for the Affiliated Foods to gain its objectives. The commitment Greg put in his work made him attain the post of a manager in the company. Through the chance, he got an avenue to express his concepts and skills in the field of leadership. He expanded the Affiliated Foods and made it occupied the peak point on the importation of the fresh food material among the many companies in the continent of Europe. The efforts of the Gregory James Aziz in the scene of management was lauded by many in the organization. Furthermore, he planned the marketing tactics of the products of the firm by reading the trends in the market. The idea made the Affiliated Foods Company recognized across the globe mainly on the parts of the United States and Canada. Read This Article for additional information.


The investment that Greg had made while operating at the banking institutions in the New York boosted his need of acquiring the National Steel car in 1994. He became the president of the company and set in place all the necessary goals to project the firm at the right position in the market. James Aziz aimed to redeem the old reputation that the company had lost on the production of the railroad material and freight car manufacturing. He adopted the modern means of technology in steering the system of the company. Furthermore, he put the company under the monitor of the ISO.

Gregory James Aziz has logical skills in the scene of business that has been substantiated by his leadership at National Steel Car.


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